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Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer

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What does it take to be a most excellent and successful Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer ?

  • Demonstrating what you are teaching
  • Being a compelling, inspiring and entertaining trainer whose personality shines through
  • Determination, energy and commitment to your own future and success
  • Banishing stage fright and nerves forever
  • Deleting any limiting beliefs you might have about being a successful Trainer
  • How to enter and maintain the ideal Trainer State
  • Building rapport with audiences of any size from 5 to 5,000
  • Rapidly gaining compliance and control with any group
  • How to use hypnotic suggestion in training to accelerate learning and install new skills
  • Working with and managing group dynamics

How to design training programmes

  • Designing exercises with multiple outcomes and evaluating your students for certification
  • How to do overt and covert demonstrations that inspire and motivate, let alone always work
  • Using the 4-MAT system to perfectly structure all of your presentations quickly and easily
  • Working with energy as a trainer
  • Developing the physiology of charisma and Personal Magnetism
  • Dealing with difficult students and hecklers
  • Motivational and Keynote speaking techniques
  • How to advertise, market and sell Training programmes
  • Winning corporate business..
  • How to run a successful open training seminar
  • Put together lesson and outcome plans
  • Scheme of Work/story board
  • Deliver to learning styles
  • Facilitate inclusion
  • Plus much, much more...

How is the Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer structured ?

The Trainer's Training itself is 14 days in duration. This is followed by a 4-day evaluation process. Which is run over 14 day and 4 days consecutively or one weekend per month over 9 months. During the first 12 days you'll be presenting and getting feedback from Certified Trainers. Every technique you learn you'll immediately get up in front of an audience and practice. The training uses lots of hypnotic and accelerated learning methods so, before you know it, you will be presenting using your new skills without even thinking about it. You'll also learn the secrets of performing demonstrations and selling training programmes.

What happens during the 4-day Evaluation and Certification?

Firstly you complete a closed book written exam on the content of Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer course . You have all day to complete it, though most people finish much earlier than they expect. On two of the remaining three days you'll be presenting. You will do two different 30-minute presentations taken from the content of the  Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer curriculum. You will receive detailed feedback on each of your presentations. The content of each presentation is your choice and you get lots of time to practice during the first 14 days. The remaining day is Demo Day. During the day you will present a live demonstration of a Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer pattern. You'll get to choose your own demonstration subject. During the first 14 days you will learn how to make every demonstration work perfectly every time.


Your evaluation will comprise the following five aspects:

  • A 3,000 word reflective essay. Further details on this will be sent by separate email. This will need to be completed within three months of booking, and in any event by 30 June
  • A closed book written test - pass mark approximately 75%
  • One presentation of an    Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer topic - approximately 30 minutes
  • demonstration of one of the  Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer
  • Finally you get to celebrate your well-earned success with your fellow newly Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer

Entry Requirements

The course is open to anyone who has an  industry experience and qualifications, and who we believe would be appropriate for the course. We will interview all applicants who we do not know or who we have not trained.

Location, dates and costs

The course takes place at our centre in Manchester. There is accommodation nearby & we have links with affordable accommodation in the area.

  • Trainers Training - 23rd November 2011 (14 days, 1 day off). £2,700
  • Evaluation - December 11 to 15th 2011 (4 days) £1,000
  • ILM Endorsed certificate fee £121

Discounts are available for early booking. We offer instalment facilities

Why Attend Our Trainers Training?

  • To take your NLP knowledge to new levels, and become even more fluent in using Advanced Coaching Skills Trainer . It's one thing to know it well enough to use it - it's another to know it well enough to teach it.
  • Having an ILM endorsed  Training certificate will help distinguish you from other trainers and coaches.
  • You can gain an ILM Endorsed certificate
  • We will advise you on how to take what you have learnt  forward commercially - 'the business of training' standards. We are committed to excellence. As one of our Trainers, you will know that you know the material!

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